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Accessing Justice Featured Speakers

We are excited to announce our featured speakers for Accessing Justice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Access, Justice, Law, and Order, May 9 to 11, 2018, Centre for Interdisciplinary Justice Studies (CIJS), at The University of Winnipeg.


Patricia M. Barkaskas (University of British Columbia, Instructor & Academic Director, Indigenous Community Legal Clinic, Peter A. Allard School of Law): “Indigenous Peoples and Canada’s Injustice System”

Janet Mosher (York University, Osgoode Hall Law School):

“Women Without Status: Navigating the Complicated and Hostile Terrain of Accessing Justice”

Rebecca L. Sandefur (University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Department of Sociology and College of Law):

“Civil Justice at the Crossroads”

Liat Ben-Moshe (University of Toledo, Disability Studies):

“Abolition via Litigation: Between Accessing Rights and Carceral Expansion”

Sabreena Delhon (The Action Group on Access to Justice, Law Society of Ontario): “Reflections on Engagement and The Action Group on Access to Justice”

Josh Paterson (Executive Director, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association): “Access to Justice for Migrants and Refugees in relation to the Immigration Refugee System”

Colleen Suche (Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench):

“How did Access to Justice become a Thing in Canada?”

Graham Sharp (University of Saskatchewan, College of Law):

“Access to Justice and the Rule of Law”

And a screening of the film The Prison in Twelve Landscapes by Brett Story (Ryerson University, School of Image Arts)

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