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Editorial Board

The input of Editorial Board members is invaluable to our peer review process. As Canada’s only interdisciplinary journal of justice studies research, The Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research (IJR) relies on experts across a range of disciplines to assist us in the review process.


Thank you to our Editorial Board members:

  • Mark Ayyash Mount Royal University

  • Michelle Bertrand University of Winnipeg

  • Steven Bittle University of Ottawa

  • Vicki Chartrand Bishop’s University

  • Diane Crocker Saint Mary's University

  • Paul Datta University of Windsor

  • Alan Diduck University of Winnipeg

  • Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land University of Winnipeg

  • Stacy Douglas Carleton University

  • Aaron Doyle Carleton University

  • Neil Funk-Unrau Menno Simons College

  • James Gacek University of Regina

  • Philip Goodman University of Toronto

  • Kelly Gorkoff University of Winnipeg

  • Vanessa Iafolla Saint Mary’s University

  • Richard Jochelson Robson Hall Law School

  • Maria Jung Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Ummni Khan Carleton University

  • Jennifer Kilty University of Ottawa

  • Steven Kohm University of Winnipeg

  • Tammy Landau Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Anna Lund University of Alberta Faculty of Law

  • Katharina Maier University of Winnipeg

  • Joanne C. Minaker MacEwan University

  • Lisa Monchalin Kwantlen Polytechnic

  • Nicole Myers Queen's University

  • Amanda Nelund MacEwan University

  • Justin Piché University of Ottawa

  • Rose Ricciardelli Memorial University

  • Chris Schneider Brandon University

  • Dale Spencer Carleton University

  • Kim Varma Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Kevin Walby University of Winnipeg

  • Michael Weinrath University of Winnipeg

  • Christiane Wilke Carleton University

  • Andrew Woolford University of Manitoba

  • Scot Wortley University of Toronto

  • Jen Wyre North Island College British Columbia

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