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Call for Papers is now open!

The Annual Review of

Interdisciplinary Justice Research

Volume 13: Sensing Justice 




Submission Deadline: September 15, 2023

Details and submission instructions​


"Power and politics", Consuming Justice, May 2022. ©UWinnipeg

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About CIJS

For inquiries please send a message to

The CIJS encourages fluency in law and justice issues in the community. This fluency is essential to both knowledge mobilization and engagement with social policy as it relates to the means by which we are governed.

Educating the public about emerging issues in law and justice is pivotal in the development of political health. The CIJS is committed to educating the layperson, and is thus part of an ongoing commitment to civics knowledge. The dissemination of our materials furnishes more people with the requisite tools to understand our justice system.

Equal access to knowledge in relation to rights we possess  is a cornerstone of legal justice. Accessibility means that we achieve fair notice of the law and the limitation of law enforcement discretion.  The CIJS is committed, through digital sharing of education and through open access events, to helping attain these goals

Disparate Communities
Indigenous populations continue to be over-represented in all facets of our justice system. Public justice education remains an important means of providing vulnerable populations with tools necessary to navigate terrain often understood to be colonial, alien and stacked against them.


No Fees
Our conferences, workshops, website and open access publications bring together students, the public, the local activist and practitioner community and academics. The collaboration results in knowledge that is available to members of our community free of charge.


The CIJS is a law, criminology and justice education and research project that began in 2006 in the Criminal Justice department at the University of Winnipeg. The CIJS is committed to public and community education in law and justice issues outside of the professional school environment. Today our editorial board extends across Canada.

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