Call For Papers: Mobilizing Justice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law, Crime, Justice and Mobilities, May 5th to 7th, 2021.


The Centre for Interdisciplinary Justice Studies (CIJS) at the University of Winnipeg in conjunction with the Department of Criminal Justice, the Justice Research Institute (JRI) and the Centre for Access to Information and Justice (CAIJ) are organizing a workshop titled Mobilizing Justice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law, Crime, Justice and Mobilities. The workshop will take place online, May 5th to 7th, 2021. There is no registration fee, and the workshop is open to all students, faculty and engaged community members who wish to attend. Additional details about the workshop and theme are below.


Mobilizing Justice will offer a venue for scholars in the social sciences, humanities, legal studies and other fields to critically examine how issues of law, crime and justice intersect with issues of mobility, and how justice is mobilized through individual and collective action. The field of interdisciplinary justice studies has much to offer and much to learn from mobilities paradigms. The current historical moment is a time of exceptionally mobile information and capital, forced migration due to war and climate crisis, punitive restrictions on the movement of people across borders, and movement of people inside borders. The mobilizations of resistance to these injustices provide an urgent context for grappling with questions of justice and mobility on multiple scales. In the time of COVID-19, questions around (im-)mobility, borders, and sovereignty appear particularly important, as are examinations that critically track the mobilization of new policing and regulatory powers in the context of this current health crisis. Mobilizing Justice will bring interdisciplinary scholars of law, crime and justice together with community activists and professionals for a critical dialog on a wide range of issues related to movement, mobilities and the mobilization of justice.  


Participants in our event will be encouraged to conceive of justice, movement, mobilities, and mobilization in ways that extend beyond disciplinary boundaries, and consider the following six subthemes: 1) Migration, Borders and Security 2) Disabilities, Rights and Justice 3) Activism and Collective Action, 4) Digital and Virtual Mobilities, 5) Knowledge Production and Mobilization Within and Beyond Academia, and 6) Carceral Geographies. We invite proposals that interrogate these subthemes as well as works that engage more broadly with the critical study of law, crime, order and social justice.


Mobilities imply a variety of processes, technologies, regulations and social arrangements that can facilitate and also hinder the movement of people and information within, across, and between territories and virtual spaces. Mobilizing justice refers to a range of activities by individuals and collectives aimed at ameliorating the conditions that produce injustices, including the mobilization of knowledge related to these issues. These topics implicate a range of fields including philosophy, cultural studies and a variety of social sciences, from geography to politics and political economy to sociology and anthropology. Mobilizing Justice will explore how mobilities impact not just criminalization, crime, and control but also interdisciplinary justice studies. We invite scholars from a range of disciplines to provide analyses of diverse topics spanning all these dimensions at Mobilizing Justice.


We welcome submissions that offer novel and creative takes on movement, mobilities, and the mobilization of justice. This may include scholarly submissions representing legal, socio-legal, criminological, feminist, philosophical, and historical takes on movement, mobilities, and efforts to mobilize justice; artistic, creative and photographic views of these topics; as well reflections and applied works from professionals, community activists and others involved on the frontlines of justice work. Mobilizing Justice aims to showcase work from scholars of multiple disciplinary backgrounds, but also community groups, justice professionals and researchers, activists, and anyone who wishes to partake in a scholarly exchange about movement, mobility, and the mobilization of justice.


We are organizing several keynote speakers, roundtables, thematic sessions, and presentations by leading and emerging scholars, community activists, jurists and journalists. Finalized keynote speakers and topics will be announced at when confirmed, along with other conference details. All keynotes, panels, and sessions will be hosted online. In addition, we are planning a number of virtual social events.


Full research papers and shorter research notes may be submitted to a thematic issue of the Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research. The Annual Review is a double blind peer reviewed journal that publishes works from across the disciplines on issues in justice. More information about the journal—along with downloadable past editions—can be found on our website:



Submission Procedures: 

Proposals for papers, panels or other submissions must be submitted electronically no later than March 31, 2021. Proposals should be sent by e-mail to:


All proposals must include:

-mailing address, email, phone number, and affiliation for each participant

-a title and abstract of not more than 500 words for sessions

-a title and abstract of not more than 250 words for individual paper presentations


Please contact Steven Kohm for further information.



We hope to connect with you at Mobilizing Justice in May 2021!

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